Whether you're a novice coming across mushrooms by chance while hiking or camping, or you're a seasoned hunter looking for the perfect addition to a well-curated dish, shroomID serves as a trusty handbook to help its users discern all type of fungi. Meant for mushroom hobbyists and novice campers alike, shroomID's accessibility replaces paper guides that may not always be readily available or updated with modern classification information.


Live maps show where others pinned the locations of mushrooms, and your proximity to these pins. These users can post about their finds which show up on a recent feed detailing the quality, amount, and location of the mushrooms - including whether they picked or left them for another lucky hunter to gather. An identification feature prompts users to describe their finds; Broken down into parts such as pileus (cap), stipe (stem), etc., users describe the features of the mushroom as the app narrows down to an approximate match within its database. shroomID users can also search an extensive library of mushrooms by either scientific or english name, discovering which kinds of wild fungi taste the best or which species are likely to grow nearby.


I started designing shroomID when I became increasingly disappointed with myself out on hiking trails. So often I would happen upon a large groups of mushrooms, and not knowing what I was finding, move on. Even in my own backyard, I would have to retreat indoors to my laptop in order to begin any research. Pre-existing mushroom apps seemed clunky and ill-designed - they didn't create an environment meant to build a userbase that would promote exploration in the same way as geocaches do. In hopes of promoting outdoor activities, safety, and great (often vegetarian) cuisine, I wanted to make shroomID for anyone with an interest in mushroom hunting and collecting.

shroomID is currently a concept in development for Android and iPhone systems.